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pubblicato da Mmoak2018 Mmoak2018 il 2018-07-05 02:27:06

In NBA 2k19 your "MyPLAYER" is also an very significant part the experience, the literal first thing that the game asks you to do after the tutorial will be to make one. You've got a lot of unique options in making your MyPLAYER, but if you want to have a stab at using a more real looking you, you can try and upload your own face scan data into NBA 2K MT and let the game make a face and mind for you. If you're interested here's how to get it done.

When at the MyPLAYER Appearance screen, go on to Face Scan Info. From that point, the game will ask you to get into the My NBA 2k19 app. If you have a smartphone go ahead and do this, otherwise the Face Scan will not be possible. In that app, tap anywhere to launch it up and then head to Scan Your Face.

From there follow the programs' instructions. You will need to have a couple of shots of you looking dead ahead and a few side to side shots for a few side profile (like a mug shot kind of, maybe not that I'd know anything about that, only by what I hear). Make sure that you move your head left to center to right, back to centre etc..

Go ahead if you are satisfied or maybe and you want to look extra pretty, give it a second go and re-Face Scan yourself. Once you've uploaded the photographs, reddit game discuss return to the in-game screen. Exit the Face Scan Info tab and head to MyPLAYER Appearance. If you did everything correctly, you'll see a notification your face scan is generating and when it is completed, you'll be able to see your fairly (or horrifying) digitized self. Enjoy!

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